Installing and maintaining a good customer follow-up system is probably one of the most overlooked components of small business websites. If you don’t have one in place, you are missing out on additional easy profits.

You are also missing the opportunities to serve your current customers and attract new customers.

Your lead capture system gives you the ability to contact your customers whenever you have sales, specials, discounts or other store events.

Customers and visitors sign up to your email list by entering their name and email address on an opt-in form that appears on one or more of your website pages.

One of the best ways to get lots of voluntary signups is to offer a free report, free gift or offer to notify them of future specials, discount coupons or other incentives.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Emails sent via your direct response system should not be confused with spam. With subscribers choosing to opt-in themselves, every one of your prospects and customers voluntarily asks to be on your email list. They also have the ability to easily remove themselves from your list at any time by simply clicking an unsubscribe link included in each email message sent to them.

You can also take advantage of our ghost writing services to create an email notification series that will automatically send messages to your list members.

These messages can be sent out at whatever intervals you choose – every week, every other day, every four days, etc.

This is a very powerful marketing tool that allows you to keep your company consistently in front of the customer.

Initial Setup, Installation and Configuration
(Monthly Management Optional)

  • Install & Configure Email Response System Settings
  • Create Welcome message
  • Create Subscription Confirmation Page
  • Create Subscription Error Page
  • Create Opt-In Subscription Form
  • Create Initial & Monthly Email Follow-Up Messages
    (Includes 4 Emails, 1 per week for up to 200 recipients)
  • Conduct Basic Email Procedural Training

Rates for additional email recipients can be discussed during consultation.


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